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  • Vibrant Software is a company that makes effective, reliable and innovative software products.
  • We are constantly trying to better our offerings and keep abreast of latest technologies.
  • The lessons learned from understanding and fulfilling customer needs result in overall product improvement.
  • Are your employees/agents interacting effectively with your clients ?
  • Can their interaction be made better ?
  • Are you able to retain information that can be used later to mitigate conflicts ?
  • Are your clients getting lost in your IVR and hanging up ?
Recall Voice Logger, is an effective, reliable and innovative Telephone Call Voice Recording application. It can record all calls irrespective of connection technology. It is accessible using a web browser, so has to be installed in only one place. Users can access it from their PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Are your telecom assets being utilised correctly ?
  • During peak hours, do your clients find your phone lines busy ?
  • Are your employees able to reach clients right away ?
  • Can your telecom assets be re-configured in a better way ?
Clarity Call Analysis software is an important tool in understanding the effectiveness of your telecom assets. It shows you extension call patterns, trunk usage and a host of other important parameters.
  • Are callers wasting time because they are connected with wrong employees ?
  • Are operators busy transferring calls, while callers wait and hangup.
  • Would'nt it be nice to send callers to the corrrect extension right away ?
  • Do you want to automate call handling to handle routine queries ?
Vocal IVR / Auto-Attendant is the perfect choice for managing incoming calls. The callers can be guided to the correct extensions based on their choices in the voice menu.